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The Home Movies 2023 calendar celebrates the 9.5mm film with archive images illustrated by Giulia Sagramola.

Each month, twelve 9.5mm frames will open a small window on the history of the twentieth century, a fantastic portal that will take you on a journey through time, towards a not so distant past and fabulous adventures never dreamed of or existed before.

In the selected images, all from the Home Movies Archive, multiple shades of black and white welcome surprising flashes and colorful animals designed by Giulia Sagramola, one of the most famous contemporary Italian cartoonists and illustrators. A mosaic of 12 memoirs thus celebrates the centenary of the family film, the birth of the 9.5mm film and the broader HomeMovies100 project dedicated to the centenary of the home movie and the rediscovery of the history of the small format in Italy.

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